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Timnath Town Center

Town of Timnath

Timnath, Colorado

$4,800,000; Master planning and design of a new 14,500 sq. ft. municipal facility.  The facility will house council chambers, community development, engineering and administrative functions.  The design will have the potential of approximately 10,000 square feet for future expansion.

The building includes a diagonal axis which separates the structure into two wings, considered the “public” and “private” sides of the building. The public east wing contains the Council Chambers and multipurpose rooms as the major focal points. The private south wing houses staff offices, conference rooms, and secured entry for the public when escorted by staff.

The design intent of the building character is to create a contemporary image for the municipal center, using classic Colorado materials such as native stone, timber elements and siding that harkens back to the agrarian history of Timnath and the surrounding area. The mixture of building forms and materials reflects the historic ingenuity of homesteaders; when they needed additional space they added to the existing using a variety of materials that were available at the time.

Professional services included site plan approval through the Town of Timnath, and full architectural and engineering design services.