5042 Technology Parkway Flex Office Building

Fort Collins, CO       |      64,000 SF      |      $3,100,000

Fort Collins, CO   |   64,000 SF   |   $3,100,000

The Harmony Technology Park flex project is a speculative 50,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant office/warehouse facility, built as part of the Harmony Technology Park.  Spaces were designed to be configured in modules of 3,000-5,000 square feet, all with access to loading docks that are screened by the building design from public view.

 The building was designed with a series of major and minor entry points to provide not only the necessary flexibility for different sized tenants, but to also break down the massing and facade treatments in a building type that can be bland and impersonal.  Office uses with expanses of glass are planned for the building corners to provide transparency and visual interest.

Entrances were designed on a rotated grid to create unique and dynamic approaches, while contrasting against the larger overall mass of the building.