Artisan Village at Jessup Farm

Fort Collins, CO       |      64,000 SF 

Fort Collins, CO   |   64,000 SF

Historical rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of several original agricultural buildings at Jessup Farm into an Artisan Village:  the farmhouse has been rehabilitated as a farm-to-table restaurant; the barn was rehabilitated into a microbrewery and tap room; the loafing shed was rehabilitated into multi-tenant retail and restaurant spaces; and the chicken coop was partially converted into a restroom facility.

Several new buildings were also created as part of the Artisan Village including two 7,000 SF and two 3,000 SF commercial/retail buildings, and two 18,000 SF industrial support buildings.  These buildings were designed to respond to the vernacular agricultural aesthetic created by the historic buildings and complement the overall development, providing opportunities for larger tenant users.  

The project was awarded a Fort Collins Urban Design Award for its public spaces.