Cargill Canola Research & Production Center

great falls, MT       |      18,000 SF

Great Falls, MT  |   18,000 SF

The Cargill Canola Research and Production Center is a new facility with offices, training room, labs, shop and heated vehicle storage located at the new Great Bear Innovation Park in Great Falls, Montana.

The design concept for this project was based on the imagery and historical significance of early Cargill grain elevators built in Montana and neighboring Canada over a century ago.  The building’s form is reminiscent of a grain elevator which provides unique and recognizable architecture that can easily be identified and associated with its company’s origins.  Additionally, this form provides for abundant natural light through clerestory windows in its lofty interior spaces.

The rustic, textured history of the space was embraced by the use of reclaimed wood, steel and other unique agricultural artifacts sourced locally from a deconstructed grain elevator, while modern, more sleek furniture elements helped balance the timeless aesthetic.