Greeley City Center

Greeley, CO       |      50,000 SF     |     $17m

Greeley, CO   |   50,000 SF  |  $17m

alm2s provided master planning and design services to develop a new centralized administrative municipal complex for the City of Greeley.  Phase 1 development included new Municipal Court and Council Chambers facilities, as well as new open office space for the City’s IT and Water and Sewer Departments.

 The future Phase 2 development includes 103,900 square feet of new space to house the City Manager’s office, City Attorney’s office, Finance, Human Resources, Community Development, Public Works and Culture, Parks and Recreation, administrative space, and new community meeting rooms, built over one level of underground parking.

The design process evaluated the retention and renovation of a 4-story, 28,400 sq. ft. city office building vs. all new construction.